Sunday, January 17, 2016

Welcome back Ubuntu!

My prolonged tryst with Linux Mint is finally over. It has been a splendid relation with Mint but had to be discontinued due to valid reasons. The transition has been smooth too! The only thing that held me back from using Ubuntu was its Mac Look & Feel. Consequently, this time too I had installed Mint 17.3 Rosa but was disappointed with its performance. Being descendant of Ubuntu, I am not sure why it does not match up-to vanilla Ubuntu editions. The primary reason for ditching is that newer mint releases are planned with older stable releases of Ubuntu which is major hindrance to upgrading latest softwares. Newer versions of utilities I use (Darktable, KDENLIVE etc..) cannot be installed with newer Mint releases or requires lot of juggling with source repositories. One more point of highlight is that I felt Mint is not leveraging the hardware potential rightly. This was more profound after installing 17.3 which was sluggish in processing power. All these point tempted me to try ubuntu again.

The initial hurdle of installing ubuntu was undoubtedly its OSX LAF :(. I was heavily annoyed to see its desktop environment. But there is a way to get around. After installing "gnome-session-flashback" and making few settings, my desktop environment is back to legacy look. Also "unsettings" app made sure I have required icons on the desktop. The other bottleneck there is no "Hibernate" alongside other power options. User needs to manually test hibernate functionality using "pm-hibernate" and configure if the hibernation is successful. There are articles which help you to get around hibernate. One more tweak required is that we need to create templates in "Templates" directory for showing up some options in nautilus context menu. Eventually, I have faster running ubuntu with desired OS & UI settings. Hope this relation stays for a while. Not sure when will I reconcile with Mint again! Here is my new mate in picture :). It is faster, smoother and glossy too :D